About People, Terraces, Food, Revolution, 
and Good-bye's


 by Maria Martinez

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This book is a collection of memories from my childhood in Cuba. Most memories are about my family life a few years before the Cuban Revolution. I also remember the first two years of the Revolution, a time of upheaval until the country became communist. My memories became stories about the things I loved about Cuba, the customs of my family, and the sudden changes in our lives that made me grow. Life changed overnight, and it has never been the same. 
Cuba continues to be in the news, a subject of interest to many Americans. Through these stories, I share the magic of pre-revolutionary Cuba, a place that will not be known to future visitors of the Island, or to new Cuban generations because those times are now gone. My memories are always with me and they focus on the following stories:

The Things I Loved Most about Cuba
Cuba’s Terraces, Patios, and Courtyards
Vacationing in Cuban Beaches and Countryside
Cuba Starts to Change
In the U.S.A.

I invite you to take a trip down my Cuban memory lane.

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